PaleAster Antiquing Paint

PaleAster Antiquing Paint

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PaleAster is a soft coral hue inspired by the prismatic petals of the wild Aster flower.   When most other flowers end their growing season, Asters continue to thrive and provide brilliant color to an otherwise dull landscape.   Liven up your living room “landscape” by incorporating this cheery color choice. 

  • No priming or removing of old wax, paint or varnish!
  • Adheres to most surfaces: wood, paint, brick, concrete, metal, and low-pile fabric.
  • Water-Based, Low-Odor, & Low-VOCs
  • Thick, rich formula provides fast and easy coverage
  • Dries in a softened matte finish
  • Product made by Chalkworthy 

How Much Antiquing Paint Will Your Project Require?

  • Small Projects - 18 sq. ft. or less = 4 FL. Oz. Can ($5.95)
  • Medium Projects - 75 sq. ft. = 16 FL. Oz. Can ($13.95)
  • Large Projects - 150 sq. ft. = 32 FL. Oz. Can ($21.95)
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