Wax Brush

Wax Brush


The Chalkworthy Wax Brush provides the most even coverage when applying the Soft Waxes and creates a professional looking final finish. 

Chalkworthy’s™ Paint and Wax bristle brushes are perfect for applying both the Antiquing Paint and Soft Wax.  Our brushes allow you to paint with a beautiful depth and texture, are simple to work with and hold a lot of paint!

How do I clean my wax brush?

Clean paint brushes with water immediately after use.  Clean wax brushes with warm water and grease cutting soap—be sure to clean while the wax is still fresh on the brush.  If your wax has been left to dry on the bristles and has hardened, soak the bristles in odorless mineral spirits to dissolve the wax (approx. 5 mins).  Then, wash the brush thoroughly.  Be sure to allow the mineral spirits to evaporate before throwing out the container. 

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